Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks Under $50

Yesterday the famous Nordstrom Anniversary sale started for all Nordstrom card holders, if you don’t have a Nordstrom Debit or Credit card you can shop the sale beginning July 20th. We’re still on vacation in Florida so I wasn’t able to go into the store in person but my internal alarm clock woke me up at 3am yesterday and I saw every. Single. Thing. On sale right now. Is that ridiculous? I know it is but I love this store, I love this sale and I love a really, really great deal! Almost half of the (women’s) items on sale are under $50 so I wanted to share my top picks that are in the $50 and under price range. If you want to see all of my picks this year you can find them here. I also picked out a couple fall/winter pieces for Hogan and a new pair of Nike tennis shoes all under $50. I sized up in his shoes so that they’ll hopefully last him longer but luckily he can start wearing them anytime! 1. I love that I can’t start wearing this top immediately and as transitional piece into fall. It will also be great for next spring with a pair of white jeans. 2. I’m excited to see the quality of this bag in person. You can’t beat the $38 price tag. 3. Barefoot Dreams is one of my all time favorite brands! For only $10 these would make great stocking stuffers! If you’re willing to splurge, my favorite blankets (Luke usually buys me a new one every few years for Christmas and it’s always my favorite gift!) are on sale too! As well as cardigans I have given as gifts to mine and Lukes moms in years past! 4. I bought last years version of these Converse and they have stayed a staple in my closet. I love the putty color because it hides everyday wear well. 5. $12, 10 colors. Enough said. 6. Under $20, these are just easy to throw on! I bought black and white stripe and brown and black stripe. 7. I bought last years version of this sports bra and love it so much I had to order another this year! 8. Bought these last year and I love them so much! Truly a great price for quality leggings. 9. Jo Malone is my favorite fragrance brand. This gift set is a great way to try out three different fragrances. One of the scents included in this set is English Pear & Freesia which is my personal favorite. This set would also make a unique and thoughtful gift. 10. If I were still working in the corporate world I would’ve bought this blazer in a heartbeat! 11. Snake printπŸ™Œ 😍I love these😍12. Doesn’t a bright yellow sweater for $25 just scream happiness? 13. I was NOT going to buy another cardigan… I’ve bought new cardigans the last 2 years and almost had myself convinced I did not need another.. until I saw this cozy, knitted, fireplace sitting, hot cocoa drinking, pumpkin patch walking cardigan and then I caved. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #basic14. $32 for Hogan in a walker size. These will go with everything in his closet and definitely a no brainer for me. 15. I bought Hogan a pair of Hudson’s during last years sale and loved them on him! We always got compliments on them when he wore them out. They have a great stretch and lasted him from fall all the way through winter. It was perfect. Hoping the size I bought this year will last the same. 16. Because a baby in a track suit is like one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Do you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? If so what do you normally look for? Don’t forget to check out the rest of my finds here! xxx,Emily

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